Dating a Robot is No Longer on My Bucket List

The shocking (or not so shocking) conclusion to the eHarmony membership.  I decided to cancel after a year of just about nothing.  I met one guy and we went on a few dates, but he wasn’t the one by a long shot.  But, as is my life, I couldn’t just leave quietly in the night, so here’s what happened to seal the deal that I was done with this mess.

After a year on eHarmony, here is the final interaction I had with a guy I sent questions to.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent, but the poor punctuation is exactly how it happened.

Potential Dude: Hello there

Excited Me: Hi.  How was your week?

Grammarless Dude: Week was fine and have you been and hows your search going?

Skeptical, but Hopeful Me: It has also been a busy week.  I got back from Easter weekend in Vegas on Monday and hit the ground running.  The search hasn’t been too successful yet, but I’m still optimistic.  I actually cancelled my membership as of the end of this month.  What about you?  Has your search been any better?

Robot Dude: I have not had any luck on you mind if we text and get to know each other more

Convinced of an Inappropriate Pic Me: That’s fine, just in case my membership ends before I think it does.  My # is xxx-xxxx.  What’s yours?


Days Later:

3 Days Later Don’t Give an Eff Me:  So I’m assuming you are either a dating site robot or just not interested.  If you are a robot, I hope you find a well suited female robot for you.  If you’re not a robot, I guess best of luck in your search.  You have my number.

Absolutely Clueless Dude: HI there are you doing today?i have been busy with work

Did he not even read my last message?  He has to be a robot, right?  This can’t be real.


That SAME night:

He Can’t Be For Real Dude: Hi this is John from Eharmony. (Sent with his profile pic)

Shocked Me:  I see you got my message.  Can you prove you’re not a robot?

Unable to Banter Dude:  How


The Next Day

Don’t Believe in Spaces Dude:  Goodmorning

Carpool Buddy Testing if He’s in the Same State as Me:  Good Morning, how are you liking these clouds this morning?

Possibly in Same State Dude:  Lol not really

Carpool Buddy Attempts to Make Nice Me:  Mr. Robot, what is your dog’s name?

Still Clueless and Pop Culture Lacking Dude:  Her name is Bella Why are you calling me a robot

Carpool Buddy Trying Hard Me:  Well you still haven’t proven that you are not.  Tell me about yourself.

Angry Dude:  Idk what to think Why do I have to prove myself to anyone when we are all looking for he same thing Like I’m being queried or called a liar idk

Carpool Buddy Doesn’t Want me to Get Murdered in my Sleep Me:  I apologize for the robot allegations.  Tell me about yourself.

Calmer Dude:  What would you like to know

Carpool Buddy Me:  What do you like to do for fun?

No Commas Dude:  I like to play golf skydive skateboard and also I like to camp

Coworker Takes Over Conversation Me:  How many times have you gone skydiving?  I went once and it was great.  Terrifying but fun.  How old is Bella?  She is cute.

Unassuming Dude:  I have gone about 15 times

Coworker Deciding to Make this Work Me:  Wow!  Where was your favorite place to go?

Still Unassuming Dude: Lol maybe New Zealand and dubai

Coworker Trying to See if He’s Even Concerned About Me, Me:  New Zealand is definitely on my list to travel to.  Would you like to know anything about me?

Creeper Robot:  I would like to know everything about you

I did not, nor will I respond to that.  Why does it always have to get horror movie weird?


Three days later I received an email from eHarmony closing my match with this guy due to “risk assessment” from the site.  Apparently he was a robot, or some sort of scam.  I’m sooooo happy I gave him my cell number.  I feel so much better about my life choices.  And that, my friends, is why I am again done with online dating.

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All The Single Ladies…

**I wrote this entry over a  year ago and decided not to post it because it was the ranting of an angry girl.  When I re-read it, I realized that I still feel this way, and perhaps it’s not so irrational after all.  So this one is dedicated to all the single ladies out there.**

Do you know what I just did?  I just ate an entire Kit Kat Bar.  Do you want to know why?  Because I stress eat.  Why am I stressed?  Because I hate online dating.

I’ve been back at the eHarmony dating game for about 3 weeks now.  And, as per usual, it’s time for my breakdown.

When you are a single woman over 30, it really doesn’t matter how happy you are with your life, people will inevitably tell you that you need to find a man.  My mother has been saying it since I was 18, but that’s not the point here.  You will get advice from everyone and their brother about how you should just do online dating because all of those commercials show just how successful online dating can be.  This is about the time when I want to point out that commercials lie.  Does that meal at Carl’s Jr. really look like the commercial makes it?  Does the 5 Second Fix really tow your car with just a 5-second fixed wire?  No.  No it doesn’t.  Well, guess what?  The same thing is true of the online dating commercials.  Yes, there are successes, I’m not discounting that, however, it is not a 100% success rate like it seems.

Since joining eHarmony again, I’ve had at about 8 guys send me messages.  I have responded to 2 of them.  While the rest of them seemed very nice, I was not attracted to them.  I believe you have to be attracted to your partner.  If you don’t want to kiss them, it’s not going to make for a very good relationship.  I got a lot of those my first week on the site.  The first one I responded to answered my questions and then sent me his Makes or Breaks.  I sent mine back, and apparently we had different ideas about what make or break us, so he closed the match.  I think he had some baggage because 2 of his breaks dealt with cheating and apparently I’d forgotten to put that one on my list. (That has been corrected since the closure.)  However, one of my breaks was racist and that wasn’t one of his, so I’m gonna say a dodged a bullet on that match.  The next one I am still talking to, but it’s been a slow process.  I’ll keep you posted on if the meet actually happens.

I, on the other hand, have sent questions to over 15 guys and have yet to receive one response to my questions.  This is 100% the story of my online dating life.  I feel like the guys I chose were solid matches, however I have not heard back from one of them.  NOT.  ONE.  Some have closed the match, which is fine, and others are still sitting out there.  I actually was really excited about one of them because I thought we were a really compatible match.  I waited a week for him to respond to my questions and when that didn’t happen, I sent a “smile” to let him know I was still interested.  As I then predicted, he closed the match within 3 hours.  Now, I understand that he may have other reasons and that it may not have been me, but with all the guys out there not responding, I feel there’s a common denominator somewhere.  And at some point I have to reason that it’s me.

So, I’d like to apologize for the fact that I do not like to hike.  I had no idea that EVERY ONLINE  DATING MALE likes to hike and because of that, I am a social pariah.   Here’s the thing, I’m a klutz.  I trip over everything, so why would I want to put myself in a situation where I could plummet to my death?  The views when you reach the top are gorgeous, don’t misunderstand me, it’s the getting there that’s not so fun.  I once hiked with my workout group and I was the youngest, and also the last, person to make it down the mountain.  My trainer told me he would never hike with me again because it was so excruciating waiting for me to climb up and down because I am so slow.  Why would I want to do that on a date?  I don’t feel like that would be enjoyable for either person.  No one wants their date to be frustrated and bored while you’re climbing down a rock at the rate of a snail.  And because of this, I don’t add hiking as one of my hobbies.  I don’t want to give anyone a false sense of hope that this is something I enjoy, because they are in for a rude awakening.

This is exactly why I do not online date.  This is where I end up.  I am happier sitting on my couch enjoying my solitude than wondering what is wrong with me.  I know I’m not a supermodel, but I’m not the elephant man either.  Yet this whole experience always makes me doubt myself and my life choices, which is not who I am.  That’s when I get angry.  That’s when I have to remember that someday there will be some guy who will love the fact that I can recite every line to Ghostbusters, or can bowl a solid 125 game, or can eat food like a 12-year-old boy.  That someone will find it endearing that I love my cats like family and can’t properly follow a dinner recipe.  That he will understand that my hand has to be held when the plane gets turbulent and that taking me hiking will only end in a slew of f-bombs being dropped.  I often get told that I’m too picky, but I just need someone who can deal with my quirks.  There are a lot of them.  But I’m not going to lie on my profile to get guys to respond to me.  That’s not how I roll.  If you don’t like binge watching TV shows, we aren’t going to get along for any long span of time.

So the next time you see an online dating commercial and think about telling me I should go for it,  you should think twice.  I know every time I see one I throw something at the TV and drop an f-bomb.  It always makes me feel better.

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I Am Sherlocked

I am Sherlocked.  I finished the finale of Series 4, and I am still overwhelmed with how much I enjoy this show.  Normally, once I’ve watched a show, I won’t go back and re-watch it just because I’ve probably moved on to another TV binge.  If I find an old episode of Supernatural or Gilmore Girls on TV, I’ll obviously watch it, but I don’t seek it out or put in my DVDs.  However, with Sherlock, it is my go-to show to watch on Netflix.  I don’t know how many times I’ve re-watched the finale to Series 1 and 2.  Granted, I am a sucker for British detective shows (Granchester, Death in Paradise and Broadchurch were my summer TV addictions), but there is just something about Sherlock that keeps me coming back for more.  So instead of rambling on and on about how I love this show, you will get my Top 5 list.  We’ll go for brevity here to spare you.

1.      Benedict Cumberbatch, or as my father refers to him, Bundabun Cumberbunch.  Close enough.  He really is a fantastic Sherlock.  Charming, aloof, witty, brilliant, emotional and antagonistic.  He plays a highly functioning sociopath that you can’t help but like because you know underneath it all he has a heart.  Also, I’m pretty sure I’m in with love him and his suits (plus the hat), so that doesn’t hurt anything.

2.      Martin Freeman.  He is the forever suffering Dr. Watson, but he is also quite the badass when he wants to be, and the only one who can quip back with Sherlock on his level and take him down a notch.  Sometimes it’s odd to recall that he’s the porn star double from Love Actually, but he is.  He’s also a Hobbit, but it’s the porn role that really throws you off on this one.

3.      Moriarity.  He should probably be #1 on this list since I love him so.  He is one of the most charismatic villains I have had the pleasure of watching.  A villain who is equally as brilliant as his nemesis.  As a friend put it, he has such a joie de vivre as a character.  I can’t argue with that.  He is flamboyantly psychotic and I love every minute of him on screen.

4.      Cliffhanging season finales.  Sherlock always knows how to end a season on a cliffhanger, the worst part is waiting actual years in between seasons.  Luckily all 4 seasons are now out, so you can just wait the 20 seconds until Netflix cues up the next episode.  The hardship is over.

5.      The supporting characters.  Mrs. Hudson, Molly, LeStrad, Mary and Mycroft are all such fun accompaniments to any scene.  These characters help lighten the mood of the show as well as bring some depth to Sherlock when he interacts with them.  They help make Sherlock human, which makes for an interesting character study of him.  As I look at this list, I realize that it’s the characters that truly make this show engaging.  I just want to be in this world and spend time with these people.  I don’t want to get kidnapped or killed though to be a part of it, that would be zero fun.

The mysteries themselves have their ups and downs.  However, when they are on, they are on.  And I never know what’s coming so I am constantly Gene Parmesan-ed (thank you Arrested Development for that state of mind) by the ending.  Maybe I should pay attention more?  I don’t know, I think I like it better that half the time I have no idea what’s going to happen.  I might be losing it.  I will normally watch an episode twice just to go back and see the clues I missed the first time.  For a puzzle-lover like me, this show just works.

I was going to list my favorite episodes, but that’s actually most of them.  I find myself rewatching A Scandal in Belgravia, The Reichenbach Fall and The Great Game over and over again.  Anything that includes Moriarity is worth another watch.  There’s talk that Series 4 was the final season, and if that truly is the case, then I thought it ended on a fitting note.  If there are going to be more episodes, I am perfectly happy with adding more episodes to my Netflix re-watch list.  I do love my Baker Street Boys.

Random Aside:  So Greg Berlanti decided to come out with ANOTHER show on the CW.  This time, he’s rebooting the Archie comics with Riverdale.  I was totally against it at first, but then I found out it was going to be a teen mystery show like a combo of Pretty Little Liars/Dawson’s Creek/Veronica Mars.  Okay, maybe.  Then I saw that Luke Perry was Archie’s dad.  Geez, Berlanti, way to hit my sweet spot.  I’ve watched the pilot episode and it was fine.  It’ll get the standard 4 episode try.  Then I heard that Molly Ringwald is going to show up as Archie’s mom.  I can’t even deal with you right now, Berlanti.  I can’t even.

Disconcerting aside:  I watched a few episodes of Dawson’s Creek the other day.  Umm…that show has not held up well AT ALL.  It’s so ’90’s it’s painful.  And the situations were ridiculous, the writing was so verbose and the acting was not so great.  I don’t remember it being this hard to watch.  Is this what age does to you?  And I kinda got that Joey should be with Pacey instead of Dawson the minute I started watching.  I would never have seen that (and didn’t see that) as a teenager.  Sorry, Dawson, I just couldn’t handle your whining or Joey’s pining or Jen’s crying.  I did still love Pacey though.  Also, I wanted Pacey to be Peter Bishop so badly.  Yep, age.  Old.

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After All the Stops and Starts…

Well here we are in 2017.  I don’t even know how that happened since the last time I checked, I was turning 31…and apparently that was now 6 years ago.  2016 just flew by, which was sort of good in some aspects and sort of sad in others.   I’ll give brief synopsis of the year to catch us all up.

The Good:  I got to take a quick trip to Nashville where I not only got to knock another state off my list, but I got to visit the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and have a random keychain for a guy named Bill fall into my boot.  All in all, a win.  Bill, if you’re looking for your keychain, it’s attached to my keys waiting for you.**  I also went to the lovely state of Maine to stay as far away from hiking as I can but eat as much lobster as my stomach will allow.  In addition, I went to Quebec City and Montreal where I ate a lot of crepes and butchered the beautiful French language.  I should just write it down next time, I’m much better in the written word.  I joined a trivia league with 5 guys in their 40s and 50s.  It is highly entertaining each week and they are constantly astounded by my Full House knowledge.  I also went to a ton of concerts this year.  Air Supply, Adele, Billy Idol, Lionel Richie, Ellie Goulding, The Killers, Belinda Carlisle, Duran Duran, Culture Club, Joe Jackson, Hall & Oates, and of course, the love of my life, Rob Thomas.  The year wouldn’t be complete without him.

The Bad: I lost a lot of celebrity icons last year.  I honestly thought Prince and David Bowie were immortal.  It never occurred to me that they were actually human.  Losing them was a shock to the system.  Losing George Michael was the sucker punch to the gut that basically brought the year full circle.**  I’ve been binging George Michael/Wham music for the past two weeks.  I’ve gone so far as to play One More Try and Kissing a Fool on repeat like Brenda Walsh when she OD-ed on REM’s Losing My Religion after breaking up with Dylan McKay.  Brenda Walshing music is a real thing.  And I’ve done it.  Gene Wilder hurt my heart.  We did a Wonka memorial night where I made tomato soup, roast beef and baked potatoes and blueberry pie for dessert.  No one turned into a blueberry, so it was slightly anticlimactic, but a fitting tribute to one of my favorite movie characters of all time.

The Ugly:  I joined eHarmony again.  Why do I keep doing this to myself?  I just end up feeling inadequate and inevitably cursing and flipping the TV off when a commercial comes on touting its success.  The TV doesn’t deserve my rage.  I went on some super random dates that didn’t go anywhere but to the discard pile.  Then I put my feelings out there with one that I hoped would go somewhere and he put that to a halt pretty quick.  Apparently at 36 years old, the dating BS just doesn’t cut it anymore and you just want answers, even if they aren’t the answers you want to receive.  A friend told me I need to say what I’m thinking more often and express my feelings.  So, if you want, I can turn this blog into going on about all my feelings.  I didn’t think so.  You’re welcome.

2016 was a lot.  So much so, that I apparently had all but given up on this blog.  Again.  I think I give up around August just about every year.  (Of course I’ve made the resolution to not do that this year.  Yep.)  For New Year’s Eve, I really just wanted to stay home and hide, even though it goes against my entire NYE theory.  But, in a series of random events, I ended up having a great dinner with some friends and my parents hosted a small party where we did end up running around the neighborhood with our luggage at midnight.  I didn’t have my passport with me, so I’m not sure how that messes with my traveling luck this year.  Not important.  Anyway, what I’m saying is I had no expectations for New Year’s Eve, and I ended up pleasantly surprised.  Along that same line, I have pretty much let this blog sit and rot for the past year or so, and a week ago, I got an email from someone who not only liked one of my posts, but became a subscriber.  That pleasantly surprised me too, so thank you.  (If you’re some robot or spam or creepy stalker, I don’t want to know about it.)  So with that said, I’m going to try to be better this year.  Maybe I’ll pleasantly surprise you.

Random Aside:  I did this holiday weight loss challenge through this new studio I go to, and the goal was to either maintain or lose weight from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.  I ended up gaining two pounds.  I’m still calling it a win because with all the crap I ate, only gaining two pounds was a complete win.  Small victories.

**George Michael significantly figured in to my plan of how I want to be proposed to* when (if?) the time (ever) actually comes, so Bill, if you’re reading this, you’re gonna need to get creative now.   George held on as long as he could for us.

*Of course I have a plan.  Because of course I do.

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Where Have you Been All My Life, Greg Berlanti?

We all know my love of Arrow and The Flash.  I make it no secret that they have become my must see TV each week.  Recently the CW spun off yet another Greg Berlanti show, Legends of Tomorrow, and I am just as in as I was with the previous two shows.  Not only do I get Brandon Routh as The Atom, I get the re-pairing of Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as Captain Cold and Heatwave.  Plus, I still get to watch Caity Lotz kick ass as Sarah Lance/White Canary.  That chick is fierce with pretty much any object you put in her hand.

Basic plot summary is that there’s this immortal evil guy named Vandal Savage (yes, I’m serious) who is planning to take over the world in the future.  Then you have Rip Hunter (yes, still serious) who is a time lord, who assembles a team to travel through time and try to take down Savage before the world goes to Hell and Savage kills Hunter’s family.  So, as per usual, you now have a ragtag team of heroes and villains assembled to save the world.  I felt like the first few episodes were a little clunky, but it’s finding its way as the season progresses.  I’m particularly enjoying the character arc of Wentworth Miller’s character, and not just because he’s Wentworth Miller.  He was great on The Flash as villain Leonard Snart, who sometimes helped Flash, and sometimes had his own evil plan.  But on Legends of Tomorrow, you get a little more conflict as to whether he wants to be a villain or a hero.  I’m enjoying that as time goes on, he’s becoming more of the central figure of the story, which is not what I was expecting at all from an ensemble cast.  He may have also said, “This isn’t my first prison break,” and I may have squealed like the nerd that I truly am.

The rest of the characters are still trying to find their footing, especially those who didn’t previously have story arcs on Arrow or The Flash like Carter & Kendra.  I’m interested to see where this goes, so I’m willing to take the ride with this show.

Now onto the next Berlanti offering, Supergirl.  I was extremely skeptical of Supergirl when I heard about it, and really didn’t catch on to it until quite a few episodes in.  I can’t quite put my finger on what bothers me about it.  I’m starting to feel like I’m more of a CW Berlanti fan, and this show is more CBS-ified than I like in my superhero shows.  Sure, there are pretty people and angst, but it doesn’t have that CW feel that I enjoy so much.  I am a 14-year-old girl at heart, and the CW knows that.  I have stuck with it, and it is most definitely growing on me.

Here’s my feelings on this:  I like Melissa Benoist in the lead role, but for some reason, Calista Flockhart drives me nuts.  I know she’s supposed to be this high maintenance, aggressive boss, but I just don’t enjoy her character.  I also feel like they haven’t really decided how to handle a female superhero.  Instead of constantly telling her she can do it, just let her do it.  They spend a lot of time coaching her and saying, “I believe in you and you can do it” when really she is just able to do it, no coaching needed.  I recognize that they do this on the Flash too at times, so I know it’s being distributed on both sides, but I just feel like the first few episodes of Supergirl hit you over the head with it.  It’s been getting better in more recent episodes, so we’ll see if they can back off a bit on the “Girls can do anything!” cheerleading section.  Yes, it’s nice to have that cheering section, but at what point does Supergirl just say, “Don’t worry, I got this”?  Anyway, I’m probably being oversensitive to the issue, but it does get grating after a while.  It happens on The Flash too, so I’m equal-opportunity annoyed.  Although I do like to hear how long it will take Tom Cavanagh to enunciate “Run…Barry…Run” each time. **

Or maybe it’s just that I don’t find Supergirl herself intriguing.  I find Oliver Queen to be an ever-changing character with so many layers, but I don’t get that from her yet.  Even though Barry Allen is at times just a normal guy, his personality and personal struggles fit well with the show’s tone.  I just don’t quite have the interest yet in Kara.  Maybe it’s just going to be a slow burn, but right now I’m more invested her supporting characters like Winn and James (not just because they’re good looking).

Now that means I’m watching Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.  I was also a fan of Everwood, so don’t worry Greg Berlanti, I’m on board with whatever you’re going to throw my way.  You’re rapidly rising in the ranks of my favorite showrunners.  If you get Nathan Fillion as a guest star, we’re just going to need to set the wedding date.  I don’t really care about your current relationship situation.

**Addendum:  I just watched the current week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow and Rip Hunter (yep, still serious) has to choose who will fight Sara Lance to the death.  Brandon Routh volunteers, but Rip chooses Kendra because she is a warrior who can appeal to Sara’s merciful side.  Never once does he cheer her on.  He just knows these two women are some serious badasses.  That’s girl power.

Random Aside:  With all these shows, it’s making it really hard to get through Daredevil in a timely manner.  Okay, that’s sort of a lie.  I’m torn between binging through Daredevil or taking my time and reveling in it.  It’s so hard to decide because it’s so good.  I don’t want it to end, but I don’t want it spoiled either.  First world nerd problems.

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It’s not you, it’s me.

I have no excuse.  None at all.  I’ve been a terrible blogger, and I have no good reason.  I can tell you that the past 6 months have been busy, which they have, but that’s not enough.  I can even tell you that I made it my New Year’s resolution to write regularly.  It’s March.  We can tell how serious I was about that resolution.  Honestly, I wasn’t all that serious about any of my resolutions this year.  If one of my resolutions was to fall asleep on the couch while watching a show on my DVR, I’d be killing this year’s resolutions.  But really, I’m better than that.  (Actually, falling asleep on the couch is awesome, it just really eats away at my productivity.)  Anyway, I don’t have a good answer for any of it.  Lately I’ve been feeling very complacent in my life.  Then I just looked up the word complacent and realized it’s not the word I want and I’ve been using it all wrong for the past few months.  And now I can’t come up with the word I was thinking of to begin with…here’s how out of practice I am at this point.  Just know I’ve been feeling like I’m so busy but I’m not really moving in any particular direction.  My goal now is to try to change that up.  I’ve started a new workout routine to get out of my current rut and hopefully get me back into fighting form.  My shows are almost over for the season, so hopefully I’ll find other things to do besides fill up my DVR.  And I recently rejoined eHarmony, so that should at least bring on a slew of stories while continuing to destroy my self worth.  All in all, I may just be ready to start this up again.

Wish me luck.  Especially since I got a new DVR that has twice the capacity of the old one.  TWICE.  It’s like their purposely challenging my TV self control.

Random Aside:  This is probably gonna come as a shocker, but I love March Madness.  I don’t know a thing about college basketball, but I look forward to this time each year.  Brackets are the best because you can know everything or nothing about basketball and still have the same chance of winning.  I love those odds.  And picking brackets based on pop culture references is the only way to go.  I should’ve stayed true to Gilmore Girls and picked Yale this year, but I gotta be honest, The Babysitters Club would be very disappointed in you Stony Brook.  I know I was.  Carry on wayward son, Kansas.  I’m rooting for you and singing along.

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How Do I Love Daredevil? Let me Count the Ways…

I made a trade to watch Daredevil so my friend would watch The Flash.  I was not expecting to love this show as much as I do.  It’s much darker than my CW superhero obsessions.  I will not go into details on the plot because there is just too much good involved to spoil it, so here are the top 10 reasons why it’s worth watching.

1.      My love for Charlie Cox (and his abs) knows no bounds.

2.      Fulton Frickin’ Reed is in this.  It’s nice to see an original Bash Brother giving some much needed comic relief in this show.

3.      Vincent D’Onofrio plays only the creepiest of creepers.

4.      There is A LOT of ass kicking.  A LOT. (Not gonna lie, I had to turn away a couple of times because it was so brutal.  However, this did not stop me from continuing the series.)

5.      The guy who plays Wesley is like a smarmy Josh Charles.

6.      This show is everything I wanted Gotham to be, but sadly wasn’t.

7.      Some people like Rosario Dawson.

8.      The single shot fight scene in Episode 2.  Actually, all of Episode 2.

9.      Did I mention the amount of ass kicking?

10.  The story, the characters, the acting, the fight sequences…all worth your Netflix streaming subscription.

I can’t believe I fell this hard and this fast for a such a dark show.  I can’t believe I have to wait a year for season 2.

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